Are you ready to unlock your true health potential and long to:  

  • feel healthy and full of vitality

  • eat a healthy, balanced diet, and enjoy doing so

  • feel less tired

  • minimise your risk of getting sick

If the answer is yes:

Welcome to FUNDAMENTALS OF NUTRITION PROGRAM – designed to take your entire health to the next level.

That sounds nice, but how?


Fundamentals of Nutrition Program is an intensive nutrition coaching program designed for people who WILL NOT carry on struggling with their health any longer. I use a unique combination of educational materials, accountability and group support to help individuals achieve significant physical transformations through the power of nutrition, mindset and a stable relationship to food. 


Let me be clear. This is not just another thing to cram into your schedule. My evidence-based, interactive and behavioural change-oriented strategy shows you how to reach outstanding health, whilst coaching you every step of the way towards YOUR OPTIMUM HEALTH and personal health goals. It is time to acknowledge that sacrificing your health, by not knowing what to eat or what school of thought to follow when it comes to nutrition, comes at a great disadvantage to your health and wastes precious years of your life. 


IF you’re looking for:

  • concrete evidence-based nutrition ADVICE,
  • reach a healthy mindset and learn new practices to allow your body to perform at it’s best
  • SUPPORT at sustaining these new habits and accountability to ensure you follow through on what you’ve learned

THEN skip the “Google nutrition” and dive into actually changing how you feel when you wake up in the morning!

"I am now almost half way through the 12 week program with Emilia and am already feeling a huge improvement in my energy levels and overall sense of well-being. I have gone from feeling emotionally drained and physically exhausted and continually in need of coffee to help me through the day, to feeling positive and energised. I no longer feel like snacking between meals and have lost weight without even trying. Emilia has guided me clearly and gently through my journey towards nutritional health and well-being and has skilfully tailored her vast knowledge of nutritional science to my particular goals."


This program has 5 powerful components:


  1. Weekly coaching sessions: Dive deeper into your personal nutritional needs, break through any psychological barriers and advance towards reaching your goals. These sessions provide heaps of support, professional nutrition coaching and a tailored action plan. 

  2. Accountability: Establish the long-term habits you need to adopt with tight accountability embedded in your own personal portal. 

  3. Access to Nutrition with a Conscience Course: Develop the knowledge, skills and tools you need to reach your goals. This comprises of 11 weeks of educational modules designed to guide you through the path towards a solid, healthy and sustainable diet and relationship to food.

  4. Social support and interaction: Interact with others on the same journey in our private Facebook group created specially for this program.

  5. Sustainable Diet Action Plan: Whilst this program is entirely focused on your health journey, it is also designed to help you understand the sustainability aspect of your food by addressing ways you could minimise your food related carbon footprint, and show you what the priorities are when it comes to being environmentally aware in your food relationship.

As a member of this program, you get your own online portal. Use it to:


  • Track your progress with visual metrics and actions

  • Check off actions from your plan

  • Look over program materials and past session notes

  • Message me directly whenever you need support

The weekly video and phone coaching sessions are inspiring, informative and essential for your progress, but we’ll also be making concrete plans and keeping track of your actions. You’ll always be able to see things moving in the right direction, and I will be there with practical steps if you fall off track.

What is this 12 week program going to involve?


The program encompasses the essence of over 7 years of experience in nutrition and health, including all the important factors of health, nutrition, practical steps and behavioural transition required for real transformation


  • weekly 90 min video nutrition coaching session with me

  • weekly themed lessons

  • habits transformation system

  • several other behaviour change mindset set ups to ignite the best possible nutrition and health change for you.

The weekly themes vary from macro-nutrient and macro view of your diet and necessary upgrades to micro-nutrient transformation and all the nitty gritty required for a truly healthy and long lasting food relationship.

So…why should you listen to me?


I have 7 years of studies and experience in nutrition and health, with an Honours Degree in Human Nutrition and I am registered with the British registration body for nutritionists, Association For Nutrition. I have explored this topic in exquisite detail and always put theories to the test too. I have come a long way in learning to distuinguish between genuine science of nutrition and the daily nutrition speculations, dietary fads and fashionable eating.

But my greatest asset is in fact my experience and own constant struggle with poor health. My early youth was dominated by chronic health issues, which made me believe I would never feel what it is like to be truly healthy.

I remember clearly the moment I started feeling good in my body. You never know something until you experience it yourself…. that was indeed when I realised I have been suffering my whole life from poor health.

My nutrition coaching approach is anchored in developing healthy food relationships, whilst my background is whole food plant-based diets, food sustainability and behaviour change psychology.

Every week you will learn HOW, WHEN and WHAT to eat in order to turn your health around.



  • People with a CAN DO attitute

  • People who might have tried a lot of different diets with short-lived or no success

  • People tired of misguiding and conflicting online advice

  • People who are 100% ready to take their health to the next level no matter what it takes

  • People who are ready to invest the time, energy and finances required for this program

  • People who believe they deserve a healthy body and refuse to be the victim of a dysfunctional health education



  • Those not willing to take ownership of their health

  • Those expecting results overnight

  • Those not attempting to take action

  • Those looking for fast results with minimal effort

  • Those lacking in patience

  • Those needing therapy or medical attention, not nutrition coaching

  •  Those lacking interest in implementing new changes or adopting new perspectives

When given the right conditions, the body heals itself.

Great! I am interested. How do I begin?


If this program resonates with what you want and need, apply below and hop on a free call with me to figure out your next steps.


This will be your chance to ask me your questions and to make sure this program is truly suited to your needs.


Either way, I’m delighted for the opportunity to help you reach your dietary related goals.

Your body. Your health. Your responsibility.​