At no other time in history has it been more true to say

WE are what we EAT.

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Are you confused by the many conflicting

dietary recommendations

you come across?

Are you concerned about the

climate emergency and don’t know

how to minimise your carbon footprint?

Do you wish your health

didn’t have to come at the cost of

the environment and vice versa?

From vegan to paleo there are dozens of diets being promoted in the name of health and wellbeing and often conflicting information makes it impossible to know what is most suitable for your health. And just when you thought you figured that out, you learn that food is one of the main contributors to climate change. It is becoming very clear that we have reached a point in human history which demands radical efforts to mobilise, educate and become HEALTHY SUSTAINABLE HUMANS. We eat at least 3 times a day, meaning 3 opportunities to drastically minimise our carbon footprint, which only means a more healthy, vibrant and thriving body!


on the table once

and for all.

About me


Registered Associate Nutritionist

Having studied an Honours Degree in Nutrition and currently undertaking a Masters Degree in Food Sustainability, it is fair to say I have spent the past 6 years studying and researching nutrition, health, sustainability and food systems. I have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the scientific, evidence based nutrition, food chains and its impact on food choices, of food in a social and behavioural context and an understanding of how to apply the scientific principles of nutrition for the promotion of health and wellbeing of individuals.

Environmental awareness and action are at the core of my nutrition practice, which led to founding Environmental Nutrition Action, a project aimed at building an educational data base advocating for food and diet sustainability and environmental awareness. Through my work I strive to build a bridge between Nutrition Sciences and Environmental Sciences in a new and future oriented way of approaching nutrition and health, which considers the health of future generations and of the entire planet.

I am a Registered Associate Nutritionist, a member of the UK’s official nutritionist registering body Association For Nutrition, which ensures that my work is fully insured and follows a high degree of professionalism and credibility in providing only the latest evidence based nutrition practices and advice for my clients.

“If you think the pursuit of good health is

expensive and time consuming,

try illness”

Lee Swanson

What I offer

I offer one on one consultations, nutrition coaching packages, workshops, talks and seminars, through which I provide a variety of tools and strategies in order to reach the best possible state of health through dietary changes.  All of my work has a solid environmental awareness foundation, which means that I skilfully include all aspects of food sustainability at each step of the services I provide. 

My Services

3 Month Nutrition Coaching Program

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Diet Sustainability Assessment

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Fortnightly Diet Accountability Session

One 90 Min Consultation/ month

Fortnightly Accountability Sessions

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