At no other time

in history

has it been

more true to say


We are what we eat. 

Are you confused by the many conflicting

nutrition recommendations

you come across?

Are you concerned about your health

but don’t know where to start

in addressing it?

Do you wish your health

didn’t have to come

at the cost of the environment?

Hi. I am Emilia.

I am here to share with you my passion and expertise in

nutrition, health and sustainability,

all in one package.


 I help people

  • Build the foundation of a long lasting healthy relationship to food
  • Achieve the health goals they always desired
  • Say good bye to constant health struggles, low energy and poor daily performance

“If you think the pursuit of good health is expensive and time consuming, try illness”

Lee Swanson

Three reasons why I am not your average nutritionist:


I have an

Honours Degree in Nutrition Sciences

and am currently studying towards a

Masters Degree in Sustainability and Behaviour Change.


My nutrition approach is anchored in

sustainable food practices

 which consider the health

of future generations and of the planet.


Having researched

evidence-based nutrition for the last seven years,

I can offer you highly relevant and tailored

nutrition coaching.

If you’re looking to revolutionise your health in an environmental conscious way, 


designed to take your entire health to the next level.


"The advice that Emilia gave me about better nourishing my body with food has been enormously beneficial. I have made many of the adjustments to my diet that were suggested and I felt better for it immediately. It was a real joy to work with Emilia on improving my nutrition - she has a warm and reassuring manner, and was able to target my particular issues around food with her extensive knowledge."


"I am a world away from where I was when we started. To say thank you doesn't seem enough for the help and support you've given me"


" Emilia is truly passionate about health and diet; she is also focussed, direct, determined. Someone who runs marathons and swims in ice-cold water. Someone who gets things done.

I was on a budget, so I hoped one or two sessions would do the job. She assured me that I would need several months of coaching. Guess what? She was right. I work seven days week, so trying to fit in an overhaul of my diet hasn’t been easy. There have been times when I’ve done almost none of what she suggested due to stress and exhaustion. But she has always been there helping to make a change, even one little step, in the right direction.

Now I’m two months into the programme. I’m averaging one unhealthy meal per week, as opposed to one healthy meal per week. I’m confident that the changes we’ve made are going to last. I recommend Emilia wholeheartedly. "


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